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Moving to a different location has never been an easy task for anyone, especially if you are planning to move out of a hi-rise apartment to another. What you need is an expert removalist with desired expertise and experience to carry out this process with the highest level of perfection and care. One of the major challenges you face while moving in or out of hi-rise apartments is the basement parking without sufficient space for moving trucks. For such occasions, we provide secondary vehicles and a small transportation truck to move your stuff in or out of the building smoothly without any issues or complications.


It can be an immense wastage of time, effort and resources if you decide to carry all your stuff one piece at a time outside to the main transport truck, by hand, from ground level. Whereas we can save upon on all of these wastages simply by providing our small transport truck, which goes the closest the building lift or stairs, and easily transport your stuff to our main transport truck and avoid wastage of time and efforts.


Following are the benefits you can derive from our high rise specialist services:

  • Faster and cost effective removals in case of hi-rise buildings,
  • Professional experts to handle and safely transport your belongings,
  • Saving on manual efforts, time and money by getting our small transport truck,
  • Properly personalized accessibility assistance and planning for removals depending on which floor you need to move in or out from,
  • Experienced professional services from removalists who do such jobs every day and are fully capable of providing solutions to any issues that may arise,
  • Prioritizing based on the belonging being moved and the accessibility of the location,
  • Special packagings services to get the extra protective materials and packaging for your valuables,
  • Secure storage facility in case you need to cover up time in between transit,
  • Flexible scheduling and re-scheduling services,
  • Complete insurance cover for any damages to goods being transported.

So worry no more about moving in and out of hi-rise apartments, just call us right now and get your best quote. Personalization by our executives will help you find the best-customized plan and package for you with highest suitability. The attention paid to every detail by our professionals will make all of this seem like a breezy task where you will not have to stress yourself in any situation because we have it all covered for you.

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